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MaxERP is a comprehensive business solution with features from Financial Accounting to Portals.

Manual in English

The MaxERP Manual covers everything you want to know about configuring and using MaxERP

Handbuch in Deutsch

Das MaxERP Handbuch enthält alle Informationen zur Konfiguration und Verwendung von MaxERP

Manual en Español

El Manual MaxERP convierte todo lo que desea saber sobre la configuración y el uso de MaxERP

Developer Documentation

Learn more about Frappe Framework, the framework on which MaxERP is built

Frappe Framework

MaxERP is built using the Frappe Framework, a fully featured web framework in Python and Javascript


Learn the framework architecture by understanding how to build custom apps that can extend MaxERP

Developer API

Learn about how to build integrations and extensions for MaxERP by using the Developer API

Contribution and Feedback

MaxERP is Open Source under the GNU General Public Licence v3 and has been listed as one of the Best Open Source Softwares in the world by many online blogs.

You're encouraged to help improve the quality of this documentation, by sending a pull request on the GitHub Repository. If you would like to have a discussion regarding the documentation, you can do so at the forum.

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Companies using MaxERP
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